What is Abunda?
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Abunda is a platform created to enable payment plans on your favorite products.

From electronics to appliances to fitness equipment, we make it easy to get it now, and pay later—no scary applications, no long approval process, and no terms that you cannot understand. Just pick an easy-to-understand payment plan and checkout!

Why use Abunda?

⏺ Split the cost of virtually any product into easy-to-manage payments. This means you keep more money in your pocket.

⏺ Flexible payment plans that meet your financial requirements

⏺ Easy-to-understand terms and no hidden fees

⏺ Fast & free shipping and 30-day returns

⏺ A customer support team ready to help you along the way

What types of things can I finance?

We make it possible to finance almost any product on Amazon. See how to upload an Amazon product here. As you can imagine, this means our customers finance everything from A to Z. Here are some of the most popular categories:

⏺ Electronics

⏺ Furniture

⏺ Appliances

⏺ Fitness equipment

⏺ Cameras & film gear

⏺ Groceries & home essentials

⏺ ...and everything in between

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