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Guide to placing your first order
Guide to placing your first order
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Placing an order on Abunda is quick and easy. Here is a quick guide on how to do it, and best practices along the way.

1️⃣ Browse and add to cart

Search our catalog for the products you want to finance. You can finance one or multiple items.

Can't find what you are looking for? We support most Amazon products. Just paste the Amazon product URL into our search bar or check out this how-to article.

2️⃣ Select a payment plan

After adding everything you want to your cart, the cart page will display available payment plans. The plans shown are based on your total cart value, so if you don't see the plan you want, try adding or removing products.

Have questions about the payment plans we offer? See this page.

3️⃣ Checkout

Follow the steps through checkout—it only takes a minute! At the end, you will be given an instant decision as to whether or not you were approved.

Declined? Check out this article for recommendations and try again.

4️⃣ Receive your order

Unlike layaway services, your order will be processed and shipped immediately. You do not need to wait until your order is paid in full.

To learn about shipping & delivery times, check out this page.

To track your order, visit the Order Status page.

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