Why was I declined?
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We know how frustrating it can be when declined for financing. Here are some common reasons for being declined and tips to increase your eligibility.

While each payment plan can differ, here are some of the most common factors that go into the approval process:

➡️ Total cart value

➡️ Identity verification (is your name, billing info, etc. accurate)

➡️ Soft credit check results

➡️ History with our service and making on-time payments

➡️ Time of day

But don't worry! You can always try again. Here are some recommendations:

✅ Try a less expensive item or remove a few items from your cart

✅ Make sure your billing address is correct

✅ Pay off any existing balances

✅ Try a different plan (just because you are declined for one, doesn't mean you will be declined for another)

To learn more about each of our finance partners and the specific factors they use to determine eligibility, check out this page.

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